Dr.Nathreen Hasson

Dermatologist and Laser Specialist


The most notable procedures performed by the doctor:

    * Hair removal using Laser (ALEXENDRATE and ND-YAG devices)
    * Face wrinkle removal using Botox Injections
    * Excessive sweat elimination for  armpits, hands, and feet using Botox injections
    * Wrinkle removal around the eyes, mouth and neck using Chemical Peeling
    * Vitilligo and psoriasis treatment
    * Eczema treatment
    * Fungi treatment
    * Electrical cauterization and cooling cauterization
    * Skin appendages and warts removal using heating and cooling cauterization
    * Treatment of acne, blemishes, pigmentation and renewal of the skin using Fraxel device
    * Treatment of acne and freckles and unifying the skin tone using Chemical Peeling with fruit acids

Use of French Mesotherapy injections for treating the following:
     1. Cellulite
     2. Hair loss and preservation of remaining cells
     3. Facial rehydration