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Elyzee Medical Center integrated laser clinics, advanced techniques and laser light, supervised by a selection of distinguished doctors and technicians in providing laser services for high quality and professional results.

Laser clinics

  • Laser hair removal

  • Laser scar removal for acne and process effects

  • Laser Cracks Treatment (Mark Stitch)

  • Laser tattoo removal

  • Laser freckle removal

  • Laser lightening lips

Carbon laser

  • Laser varicose veins and capillaries in the face

  • Laser face lift and sagging

Frexell technology

This technique targets the skin using microscopic rays that penetrate the skin and lead to the reconstruction of collagen in the skin. And thus result in the regeneration of skin cells to become more fresh, healthy and vital.

Using the Frexell technology

Scarring and Effects of Acne

The effects of scarring resulting from surgeries and other scarring

Effects of burns

Rejuvenation of the face and hands

Skin cracks and pregnancy

Wrinkles and aging effects

Tightening and renewing the skin of the neck and chest

Skin pigments and inhibitory Deep skin pigmentation

Carbon laser technology

It is a laser light that works to stimulate the collagen in the skin to address the problems and defects of the skin, where it renews the skin and helps to get rid of dead cells and preserve the freshness and youth.

Carbon laser is used

  • Remove dead skin cells

  • Lighten the skin and restore the purity and freshness

  • Lighten the knees, elbows and underarms

  • Lightening sensitive area

  • Treatment of large pores

  • Acne Treatment

  • Treatment of birthmarks and tattoos

  • Treatment of dandruff and freckles

Fractional laser technique

Fractional laser The technique depends on laser treatment of layers and layers of skin to reach a certain level, the production of collagen is stimulated to begin new layers to appear in the most beautiful and rigid.

Uses of fractional laser

Reduces stretch marks and red and white lines with skin (Stretch Marks).

fractional laser minimizes the effects of accidents

It also helps to increase the freshness of the hands

fractional laser also helps to whiten sensitive areas

Lighten the color of the knees and unite the color with the body, and addresses the clouds that result from the accumulation of dead skin cells in some areas of the body

Improve the appearance of scars and wounds in any area of the body

Carboxy Technology

Carboxy therapy is a non-surgical cosmetic procedure used to inject carbon dioxide, either inside the skin or under the skin with a very fine needle

Uses of Carboxy Technology

  1. Treatment of black circles under the eye.

  2. Removal of cellulite

  3. Removal of local fat: under the chin fat, belly fat, and under the eyes.

  4. It is also used as a complementary treatment after liposuction.

  5. Sores associated with insufficiency of blood vessels such as diabetes ulcer and varicose veins.

  6. Psoriasis.

  7. Alopecia.

  8. Treatment of skin fracture resulting from weight gain and pregnancy.

  9. Treatment of acne scars.

  10. the freshness of the face and improve the touch.

  11. Tight skin lift.

  12. Rejuvenation eyelids.

  13. Remove wrinkles around the eye and mouth.

Derma frag Technique

A device specialized in micro-peeling, and micro-ducts, which are specialized in combating the aging of the skin and lightening the skin, treatment of acne, dryness and filling the skin.

It is equipped with three LED lights, each of which specializes in a specific treatment:

Blue light: for the treatment of acne where the secretion of a substance kills bacteria.

Yellow light: to stimulate collagen to reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

Red light: to reduce redness and reduce inflammation of the skin.

In addition to the cooling technology to calm the skin through a gentle flow of air during treatment to suit sensitive skin

Uses of Derma Frag

Acne Treatment.

Smoothing and moisturizing the skin.

Providing the skin with vitamins to lighten and freshness of the skin without injections.

Stimulate cells and excrete a substance that kills bacteria.

Generate and stimulate collagen to reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

The most suitable device for sensitive skin.

Crystalline peeling technique

It is a skin peeling that eliminates the surface cells of the skin using soft aluminum oxide crystals, which work to remove the dead skin layer

Benefits of Crystal Peeling

Rejuvenates and brightens skin

Unites skin tone and gives it the freshness you need.

Eliminates the cost and freckle resulting from exposure to the sun.

Resists skin pigmentation caused by melanin deficiency, and alleviates the effects of acne.

Eliminates blackness on the elbows and knees.

Fights aging signs that appear on the skin, it works to tighten the skin, and hide the wrinkles.

Close the large pores in the face.

Softens skin texture. Opens skin tone

EXILIS technology

It works to send voice waves with the heat, which helps to dissolve fat and cellulite without surgery or pain, by improving the strength and strength of the skin, which leads to the activation of collagen and strengthen and tighten skin slack.

Uses of EXILIS technology

Bingo wings

Tarsal fat in the thighs and buttocks

The accumulation of fat on the sides (Love handles)

Fat accumulation in the abdomen after pregnancy and childbirth

Double chin

Wrinkles of the neck

plasma injections  PRP

in platelets, which reduces the aging of the skin and increase its freshness, uses plasma injections for the freshness of the skin and surface wrinkles in the face and hands and cases of hair loss and to soften the dark circles around the eye.


To restore the fullness of the face and improve its features to obtain a harmonious face full of freshness, which is used as suitable for the skin types of injection filling and based on the area to be packaged using the finest injections of packing internationally and medically safe.


Botox works to remove skin wrinkles in the area around the eyes and face as well as to affect the secretions of sweating cells, which is one of the most common cosmetic procedures and gives the face natural look forward to it without wrinkles and restore the skin youth and luster, and helps to eliminate excess sweating in the area The armpits through the process are quick and simple to take only a few minutes.

Chemical Peeling

It is one of the ways to regenerate the skin cells by placing a peeled substance on the area to be treated. This chemical replaces the skin layer with a new layer, which causes the elimination of wrinkles, scars and skin pigmentation.

Mesotherapy  injection

A group of vitamins and nutrients injected under the skin by simple and quick procedure in the clinic, Mesotherapy or known injecting freshness is used to rejuvenate the face and to treat hair loss and re-growth and lighten some pigmentation and skin to reduce the incidence of skin cracking.

Body rolls

Cold and other warm rolls used with natural products and oils to tighten and soften the skin as well as rid of cellulite and renew the freshness of the skin using (rolls and natural products and oils and refreshing).

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